Awards 1990

Each year, ISRS awards members for their special contributions to the ISRS, as well as their dedication to the field.

1990 ISRS Award Recipients

José I. Barraquer Award

Dr. Miles Friedlander

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1990 ISRS Award Recipients (list)

ISRS Awards

The Casebeer Award recognizes an individual for his or her outstanding contributions to refractive surgery through nontraditional research and development activities.

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Distributed monthly, the Journal features original research, review and evaluation of refractive and corneal surgical procedures, as well as lens-based refractive surgery.

The José I. Barraquer Lecture and Award honors a physician who has made significant contributions in the field of refractive surgery during his or her career. This individual exemplifies the character and scientific dedication of Dr. José I. Barraquer; known as one of the founding fathers of refractive surgery.

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The Founders’ Award recognizes the vision and spirit of the Society’s founders by honoring an ISRS member who has made extraordinary contributions to the growth and advancement of the Society and its mission.

The Kritzinger Memorial Award recognizes an individual who embodies the clinical, educational, and investigative qualities of Dr. Michiel Kritzinger, who advanced the international practice of refractive surgery.

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The Lans Distinguished Lecturer Award honors Dr. Leendert J. Lans. Given annually, the award is given to an individual who has made innovative contributions to the field of refractive surgery, especially in the correction of astigmatism.

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The Lifetime Achievement Award honors an ISRS member who has made significant and internationally recognized contributions to the advancement of refractive surgery over his or her career.

The Richard C. Troutman MD DSc (Hon) Troutman Prize recognizes the scientific merit of a young author publishing in the Journal of Refractive Surgery. This prize honors Richard C. Troutman, MD, DSc (Hon).

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The Waring Memorial Award for a Young Ophthalmologist recognizes an ISRS member early in his/her career who has demonstrated a commitment to ISRS, as well as a commitment to the promulgation of knowledge and the practice of refractive surgery. This award honors George O. Waring III, MD for his commitment to the profession and ISRS.

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The Presidential Recognition Award is a special award which honors the recipient’s dedication and contributions to the field of refractive surgery and to the ISRS.

The ISRS Recognition Award acknowledges ISRS members who participate in ISRS programs and activities and to award them for their continuing work in providing content through innovative meetings, publications and online educational tools. Areas of contribution include Journal of Refractive Surgery, ISRS Multimedia Library, Refractive Surgery Outlook, International Meetings, ISRS Committee Members and Refractive Surgery Subspecialty Day.