Charles Casebeer

Dr. J. Charles Casebeer is often viewed as the person most responsible for bringing refractive surgery into the mainstream of ophthalmology. Dr. Casebeer modeled his Casebeer Systemized Approach to Refractive Surgery after his long experience in aviation as an accomplished pilot. He constantly embraced innovation and after incisional surgery was established, he went on to teach surgeons about lamellar procedures (ALK) and LASIK.

Dr. Casebeer introduced and expanded many concepts that have found their way into everyday medicine: systemization, nomograms, outcomes analysis, wet lab “check flights” and many others. Dr. Casebeer’s textbook on refractive surgery, Casebeer: Incisional Keratotomy (SLACK Inc, 1995), is one of the highest selling books ever published in ophthalmology.