2021 30th Annual Richard C. Troutman MD DSC (HON) Prize: Dr. Min Li

Dr. Min Li is a key member of the Optometry Center and the Refractive Surgery Centre of Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital. Since 2015, she has been an attending ophthalmologist at the Hospital as an expert in refractive surgery including LASEK, FS-LASIK, SMILE and Phakic Intraocular Lens.

Dr. Li’s topics of research include corneal wound healing and the influence factors after refractive surgery; the visual conducting pathway changes and the visual quality after refractive surgery; the reuse of the refractive lenticules from SMILE; and myopia prevention and control in school children.

Dr. Li has written more than 10 publications in SCI International peer review journals. In addition, she has given talks at the ophthalmology conference of the Chinese Medical Association and scientific meetings in China.